Our range of luxurious candle fragrances are all vegan and cruelty free and do not contain any silicon or parabens. The fragrance oils have been rigorously tested with the natural soy wax to ensure a balanced scent throw and maximum burn time.

To assist with your selection, the fragrance notes have been categorised (Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Spice, Woody, Masculine and Seasonal) and separated into three classes: top notes, middle notes, and base notes.

Our candles are hand-poured in Australia and left to cure for a minimum 7 days to achieve the optimal fragrance throw.

NEW FRAGRANCE TESTERS: Scent is such a personal choice and it can be difficult to make a decision without first testing the fragrance yourself. Our Fragrance Testers, available in 5ml sample vessels, allow you to test the fragrances in your own space before ordering your candle refill. The Fragrance Tester Set is the perfect gift, allowing your loved one to get to know the complete range of candle fragrances. The Fragrance Testers are made from our premium soy wax and fragrance oils and are the perfect indication to how your candle will smell when burning. 

FRAGRANCE TESTER SAFETY NOTE: Store in a cool, dark area and keep out of reach of children and pets. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The natural oils and minerals in our fragrances may change the natural colour of the soy wax.


Zesty and fresh notes that are desired for the warmer months. 

Black Tea & Bergamot

Vibrant notes of citrus bergamot and lemon zest blended with air-fried black tea leaves infused with soft sage and jasmine undertones. 

Top notes: Citrus, Bergamot, Lemon
Mid notes: Bergamot, Black Tea, Sage
Base notes: Black Tea, Floral 

Tropical Citrus

Brilliant notes of effervescent Meyer lemon sparkle with succulent lime, wild bergamot, and tangy mandarin sweetened with orange and a touch of white pomelo. 

Top notes: Citrus, Green, Lemon
Mid notes: Lemon, Lime, Orange
Base notes: Citrus Wood, Floral, Musk 

Tropical Sunrise

Glittering notes of sun-kissed orange, mandarin, and fresh tangerine with pink grapefruit nectar sweetened with sugared wild berries and a zest hint of white ginger. 

Top notes: Citrus, Orange
Mid notes: Orange, Mandarin, Grapefruit
Base notes: Citrus, Berry

New Born

The nurturing scent of tender florals freshened with effervescent lemon, pink grapefruit, and gingered lime zest amid sweet shimmers of soft vanilla aldehydes.

Top notes: Citrus, Fresh
Mid notes: Ginger, Sweet
Base notes: Floral


Floral scents are feminine, soft and subtly sweet, capturing the vitality of nature.

Cotton Magnolia

Florals of magnolia and violet, with an opening of fresh aldehydes with hints of orange and warming down to a musky powdery base. 

Top notes: Aldehydes, Orange, Fresh Complex
Mid notes: Magnolia, Violet
Base notes: Musk, Powdery, Tonka 

Jasmine Vanilla Almond

Beautifully garnished silk white jasmine petals. This engaging jasmine fragrance comes to full bloom with creamy vanilla and almonds. It is a beautiful well-balanced composition that will take your heart away for its smoothness. 

Top notes: Fruity, Baked Fruits, Strawberry, Peach, Coconut, Creamy, Violet Leaf
Mid notes: Floral, Thai Jasmine, Lily, Madagascan Ylang, Orange Blossom, Geranium
Base notes: Tahitian Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

English Peony & Blush Suede

A quintessential floral fragrance, with notes of red apple and the softness of suede, this fragrance is both elegant and devastatingly seductive. Layers of peony, rose, patchouli and musk makes it even more addictive and capturing. 

Top notes: Lemon, Green Leaves, Aquatic, Fruity, Red Berries, Blackcurrant, Plum
Mid notes: Flora, Summer Peony, Star Magnolia, May Rose, Honey
Base notes: Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Patchouli 

Wild Honeysuckle (Japenese)

The gentle green citrus complements the sweet floral notes with a touch of honey, supported by a woody and powdery base.

Top notes: Green Leaf, Orange 
Mid notes: Honeysuckle, Muguet
Base notes: Cedarwood, Powdery, Vanilla

Portofino Blossom

A brilliant and robust floral scent, with top notes of Sicilian bergamot. Combined with sweet blood oranges, lemon blossom, fresh greenery and a touch of floral musk and orange blossom petals. Attractive, enticingly aromatic, sensual and uplifting. 

Top notes: Citrus, Blood Orange, Tangerine, Sicilian Bergamot, Watery
Mid notes: White Flower, Orange Blossom, Jasmine, Lemon Blossom
Base notes: Floral Musk 

Oriental Amber

Black rose and powdered iris with sweet persimmon and brandied plum, woven with smoked oud, dark amber, creamy sandalwood and black teak. 

Top notes: Fruit, Plum, Rose
Mid notes: Floral, Amber, Oud 
Base notes: Amber, Spice, Wood 

Sheraton White Tea

A limited edition, this luxurious fragrance has been inspired by Sheraton Hotel’s signature fragrance. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Green Incense
Mid notes: Jasmine, Rose
Base notes: Ambergris, Musk


A breath of fresh air on a Summers day, bursting to life with grounding notes. 

Fresh Linen

Reminiscent of clean cotton blowing in the breeze. This fragrance is a composition of drenched air and ocean breeze with notes of jasmine, moraya, water hyacinth and white muguet. Vanilla absolute is warmed by lemon balm and violet flowers that dry to reveal a warm white musk base. 

Top notes: Clean Cotton, Drenched Air, Lemon Balm, Ocean Breeze, Fresh Linen
Mid notes: White Muguet, Water Hyacinth, Cotton Blossom, Dewy Jasmine, Moraya
Base notes: Powder, White Musk, Vanilla Absolute 

Ocean Mist

This shimmering aquatic scent opens with fresh lime orange, pineapple and crisp green tones. Soothing ocean mist is recreated with a spicy floral accord and rich cedarwood that lead to a hearth of lavender and geranium. Finishing touches of musk and patchouli adds a grounding effect. 

Top notes: Aquatic, Sea Salt, Green, Lemongrass, Pineapple, Tahitian Lime, Orange
Mid notes: Lavender, Lotus Bloom, Wild Rose, Geranium
Base notes: Driftwood, Cedar, Patchouli, Musk 

Spa Retreat

The first breath you take as you enter the spa. You are then lost in the world of aroma that has taken you to a place of sublime peace with Valencia orange and Italian bergamot. The Turkish rose gently passes by after which the cedarwood and amber grounds you to this earth. 

Top notes: Citrus, Valencia Orange, Italian Bergamot, Basil
Mid notes: Herbal, French Lavender, Turkish Rose, Geranium, Orange Blossom
Base notes: Woody, Cedarwood, Amber  


Sumptuous and sweet.

Fig Leaf

Green accord with soft scents of floral fruity, grounded by amber, musk and wood.

Top notes: Green Complex
Mid notes: Fig, Mimosa 
Base notes: Amber Musk, Sandalwood 

French Pear

Delicate French pear and red pear combined with lush pear leaves, a touch of peach nectar and warm undertones of soft vanilla. 

Top notes: Leafy Greens, Citrus
Mid notes: French Pear, Apple, Peach
Base notes: Vanilla, Musk

Honeyed Pear

Crisp Bosc pear and apple combined with a leafy green freshness and golden honeycomb with delicate pear blossom. 

Top notes: Leafy Greens, Crisp Apple
Mid notes: Bosc Pear, Pear Blossom
Base notes: Honey, Vanilla, Musk 

Coconut Crepe

Freshly cooked crepes, smeared with melted butter and sprinkled with sweet coconut flakes and then doused in pure vanilla cream. 

Top notes: Confectioner’s Sugar
Mid notes: Crepe Accord, Coconut
Base notes: Cream, Coconut Milk, Vanilla, Butter 


Complex, distinctive and sophisticated. 


Rich notes of Italian leather touched by soft greens and oriental woods wrapped with warm amber and dark musk. 

Top notes: Green, Wood, Leather
Mid notes: Leather, Wood, Musk
Base notes: Leather, Amber, Musk 

Bourbon & Leather

The luxurious scent of oak-aged bourbon and fine, dark leather enhanced with warm nutmeg over dark patchouli and earthy, amber vetiver. 

Top notes: Bergamot
Mid notes: Bourbon, Peach
Base notes: Oak, Leather, Vetiver, Amber, Patchouli

Midnight Woods

Crushed pepperwood, warm birch and herbaceous greens blend with citrus fruit and soft florals amid rich mahogany and sensual teak above undertones of musk. 

Top notes: Citrus, Green, Floral
Mid notes: Mahogany, Teakwood, Pepper
Base notes: Wood, Musk, Moss 

Oud Palao

Luxurious fragrance oil inspired by Tom Ford’s Oud Wood perfume. 

Top notes: Tonka Bean, Vanilla 
Mid notes: Agilawood, Jequitiba
Base notes: Amber, Cardamom


Rich and warming notes of spices with a grounding effect. 

Cashmere & Cardamom

Elegant notes of cashmere interwoven with warm accents of fresh cardamom playfully float above golden amber, patchouli and velvety musk. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Cardamom
Mid notes: Jasmine, Sandalwood
Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Musk 


The embodiment of earthy notes that are deep and warm.


A duet of cedarwood and sandalwood with hints of fresh spicy notes, complimented by earthy amber and musk for a touch of warmth and sophistication. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper
Mid notes: Violet Cardamom
Base notes: Amber, Musk Cedarwood, Sandalwood 

Elemi Woods

Inspired by elemi oil, this fragrance brings a sense of calm and serenity. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Cardamom
Mid notes: Jasmine, Sandalwood
Base notes: Patchouli, Vanilla Bean, Musk 


Limited editions that change with the seasons. NOTE: Seasonal fragrances are not available in the Soy Wax Fragrance Testers. 

Kitchen Spice (Christmas)

Fresh ground cinnamon and ginger blended with fragrant clove bud, aromatic allspice and a pinch of sparkling sugar. 

Top notes: Ginger, Sparkling Sugar 
Mid notes: Cinnamon, Clove
Base notes: Allspice, Clove, Vanilla 

Pine Needles (Christmas)

Regal notes of fresh-fallen pine needles blend with accents of redwood, fir and leafy greens over lush moss and dark earth. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Leafy Greens
Mid notes: Fir
Base notes: Pine Needles, Redwood, Patchouli, Vetiver, Moss

Scandinavian Forest (Christmas)

A balanced blend of woody earthy tones, layered with oakmoss and sparkling aldehydes and alpine forest Siberian fir needle. 

Top notes: Peppermint, Spearmint, Sparkling Aldehydes, Icy Eucalyptus, Grapefruit
Mid notes: Coniferous, Alpine Forest Siberian Fir Needle 
Base notes: Woody, Earthy, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Vanilla 

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