ADH-66 Lightweight Polymer Modified Adhesive 13kg

Premium lightweight white, flexible, very high strength, non-slip/non-slump tile adhesive.

ADH-66 Light is ideally suitable for walls & floors, internal & external applications including bathrooms, swimming pools, laundries, toilets, kitchens, existing tiles, decks & verandas. ADH-66 Light is perfect for adhering most types of tiles, porcelain and natural stone, including large format tiles. ADH-66 Light can be used for immersed applications such as swimming pools and ponds as a white adhesive and grout fixing system.

Features & Benefits

  • C2 – High Adhesion Strength
  • E – Extended Open Time
  • T – Non-Slip/Non-Slump
  • S2 – Highly Deformable Adhesive
  • ≤1mm crack bridging capability
  • Infused Primer Technology (IPT)
  • White colour
  • Accommodates thermal movement
  • Superior workability & rheology
  • Water washable
Performance Data
Exceeds the performance requirements of AS4992 Tensile adhesive strength 2.1MPa (after 28 days) 

Suitable For:

  • Large Format Tiles
  • Existing Tiles
  • Concrete (7 Days)
  • Green Screeds (24 Hours)
  • Swimming Pools
  • FC Sheet & Plasterboard
  • Adhesive & grouting of glass mosaics in swimming pools
  • WP-1 & ACT approved waterproofing membranes
  • Areas covered under AS3958-2007



  • Not suitable for tiling directly over 100% polyurethane or fibreglass waterproofing membranes.
  • Not suitable for tiling directly over plastics and metals.
  • Not suitable for tiling directly over Masonite, MDF, timber, plywood or particleboard.
  • Not suitable for moisture sensitive stone such as green marble or manmade conglomerate products.
  • External tiling should not exceed 2.7m in height.
  • Suspended concrete slabs must conform to AS3958.1-2007 for maximum deflection. All post-tensioned concrete slabs must be treated as flexible substrate.
  • If in doubt, contact ACT Australia Technical Services for further information and advice.

Substrate Preparation
All substrates to be tiled must be clean, dry, free from dust, wax, oil, grease, laitance, curing compounds, paints (incl. overspray), coatings and all contaminants which may cause adhesion failure. Fibrous cement sheeting & plasterboard must be fixed as per manufacturers recommendations and should be sponged down with clean water to remove dust. Waterproof boards such as Scyon Secura and Cemintel Constructafloor must be primed with ACT PR-1 primer. If in wet area waterproof with ACT WP-1 or ACT approved under tile waterproof membrane. Waterproof membranes must be fully cured prior to tiling. Concrete must be cured for 7 days. Sand and cement screeds and renders must be cured for 24 hours. If in doubt with any of above, please contact ACT Australia technical services.

In normal circumstances no priming is required as ADH-66 Light has unique Infused Primer Technology (IPT). To test substrate, sponge liberal amounts of water onto the substrate and ensure water absorption is taking place. If so, then only sponge down with clean water prior to spreading adhesive. If water is beading or no absorption is taking place, prime with ACT PR-1 impervious primer.

13kg of ADH-66 Light powder will require approximately 5.5 litres of clean drinking water. Slowly add ADH-66 Light powder into a clean bucket with the measured water. Slowly mix with a quality drill & mixing paddle to ensure a smooth, lump free toothpaste consistency. Leave the mix for 6 minutes then re-stir. AD-66 Light is now ready for use.

Movement Joints
Movement joints must be incorporated within the tiling system in accordance with AS3958.1-2007. Ensure movement joints are free of all adhesive and grout residue.

Clean Up
ADH-66 Light should be removed from the surface of tiles using a clean damp sponge while the adhesive is wet. Tools and equipment should be scrubbed clean with water while the adhesive is still wet.

Pot Life
5 hours at 23 ̊C and 50%RH
Setting time, 14hrs at 23 ̊C and 50%RH

All workmanship must be in accordance with AS3958.1-2007. After mixing apply ADH-66 Light with the appropriate size notch trowel for the application. Ensure to work the adhesive to the substrate for good adhesion. Adhesive should sit up and not slump whilst being wet and tacky prior to laying tiles. Open time is approximately 40 mins at 23 ̊C. If the adhesive has skinned over prior to laying tiles, then remove and apply fresh adhesive. Ensure minimum adhesive bed thickness is 2mm for wall & 4mm for floor applications depending on size of tile. Do not tile in temperatures below 5°C and greater than 34°C.

Use ACT Australia recommended grouts. Including ACT SPECTRUM Futura, GRT-20 or GRT-4 White Wall Grout. Ensure grout joints are clean of ADH-66 residue prior to application of grout.

Allow minimum 14hrs for the adhesive to cure and set prior to grouting. For impervious substrates such as waterproofing membranes and or non-absorbent tiles further curing time will be required depending on site conditions and ambient temperatures. Ensure adhesive has set prior to grouting.

A 13kg bag will cover approximately 12m2 with 6mm notch trowel & 8m2 with 10mm notch trowel on a good flat substrate.

Shelf Life
In unopened original packaging for up to 12 months when stored in a cool, dry environment off the floor.

Safety Directions
ACT Australia supports best practice in material handling. Appropriate gloves, dust masks, safety glasses & protective clothing should be worn. If product comes into contact with skin, wash off with soapy water. Avoid inhaling dust by wearing appropriate dusts masks. If swallowed drink plenty of drinkable water and seek medical advice. In case of contact with the eyes, rinse with clean water or eye was solution and seek medical advice.


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