Sandstone Organic Steppers

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Sandstone, a sedimentary rock, is formed when grains of sand are compacted and cemented together over thousands or millions of years. The sand grains often are composed of the minerals quartz or feldspar that were worn off other rocks and ground down into pebbles.

The Sandstone Organic Steppers are cut and crafted from natural sandstone boulders. Characterised by warm earthy tones with distinctive veining, the Steppers are calibrated to an even 30mm thickness with a sawn face finish for a smooth look while still providing great slip resistance. Unbelievably strong and durable, our Sandstone Organic Steppers will patina and age naturally with your home.

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Natural stone is inherently unique and natural colour variation and fissures should be expected. It’s these slight imperfections that make these products unique.

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