Stain Protector™ – Premium Impregnating Sealer With World-Leading Protection

Premium impregnating sealer world-leading protection for stone and other porous surfaces.

Product Technical Benefits:
  • Maximum water and oil repellence for optimal stain protection
  • Super-penetrating, permanent bonding technology for super protection against, efflorescence, picture framing, salt spalling, freeze-thaw spalling.
  • Optimized for most types of porous building material/surface, from natural stone to brick, terracotta, concrete, and saltillo.
  • Retains surface color and finish
  • Highly breathable, allows water vapor to escape freely, and limits harmful moisture buildup inside the treated material.
  • Stands up to commercial cleaning methods.
  • Treated surfaces remain to look good for longer and are easier to clean.
Shelf Life and Storage Guidelines
Best within 3 years of manufacture.
Keep container tightly sealed, in a well-ventilated place, at 2 – 300 Celsius (36 – 850 Fahrenheit).

Pack Sizes
1L (1.06Q); 5L (1.3 gallon), 20L (5.3 gallon)

4 to 25 sq m. per litre (160 – 1000 sq. ft. per Gallon).

Technical Data
Active Content: >50%.
SG: ~0.89
VOCs >400g/L
Weight: 1L (1.06Q) = 0.93Kg (2Lb.); 5L (1.3G) = 4.8Kg (10.6Lb), 20L (5.3G) = 19Kg (41.9Lb)

Flash Point < 23°C UEL 19% (Ethanol) Hazchem Code ●3YE

UN number 1993
Packing group II
DG Class 3
Subsidiary Risk None allocated

Country of Manufacture:
Australia, by Chemforce Pty Ltd.
How To Use

  1. TEST PRODUCT ON A SMALL, INCONSPICUOUS AREA FIRST. Allow a 24-hour cure time to determine the ease of application and desired results.
  2. Surface must be clean, dry and free of any residues.
  3. Apply when surface temperature is between 5-35°C (40 – 95°F).
  4. DO NOT thin product.
  1. Generously apply STAIN-PROTECTOR™ using low pressure hand sprayer, brush or microfiber / wool applicator. Very porous surfaces should have a mirror like wet look for at least 3-5 seconds. Avoid contact with surrounding areas.
  2. Leave to penetrate for at least 10 minutes.
  3. Before it dries on the surface, apply a second generous coat.
  4. Total application rate (for both coats combine) is one litre per 4 to 20 sqm (one gallon per 160 to 800 sq. ft) depending on surface absorption. Visit the Stain Protector page at for a comprehensive application rate chart.
  5. After minimum 10 minutes but, before the second coat dries, thoroughly polish the surface with clean, white absorbent cotton or microfiber towels (or similar) to remove ALL product residue. If residue has begun to dry, moistening a cloth with Stain ProtectorTM to ease removal.
  6. Use an organic solvent e.g. alcohol or mineral spirits to clean equipment.
  7. Avoid moisture contact with the surface for six hours after application.
NOTE: Sealer will NOT prevent surface etching, scuff marks or mechanical wear and may lighten or darken some surfaces. Stain Protector repels water and oil, but not solvents, so solvent based materials, such as marking pen ink can still stain the treated surface, but will penetrate less, and be easier to remove. All spills should be cleaned up immediately to minimize absorption.

Advanced Application Guidelines

Stain Protector™ must be allowed to cure for at least 3 weeks before undertaking stain tests, depth of penetration tests and other types of testing. This is because the specially designed modified silane molecules in the sealer take this long to migrate and find suitable bonding sites in the pores and to create secure covalent bonds. As more silane molecules bond inside the pores, the material becomes more oil and water-repellent.

After 24 hours of cure time, the product will show some surface stain repellence and will not have bonded inside the pores. After 3 to 4 weeks cure time the oil and water repellence is optimal and, if broken in half, a medium porosity piece of polished granite will exhibit 5 to 15mm depth of penetration, depending on the amount of Stain ProtectorTM applied.

Stain Protector™ should be applied to polished surfaces with a microfibre / lamb’s wool applicator or brush or cloth, so the sealer is wiped over the surface. If the product is sprayed onto a polished surface it may bead up and leave parts of the surface untreated. Spraying is not recommended for polished surfaces.

The product should be left to dwell for as long as possible after each application, to give the product plenty of time to penetrate.

Very porous surfaces, such as some sandstones and limestones should be pre-sealed with a very light spray of Stain-Protector™ at least 8 hours before applying the 2 main coats. This pre-seal repels the main coats slightly, so they do not penetrate as much and this results in a higher concentration of sealer near the surface. When the product penetrates too deeply, product is wasted and there is not enough concentration of the product near the surface to provide maximum oil and water repellence which is desirable for optimal stain protection.

NOTE: highly porous surfaces, such as sandstone, limestone and concrete pavers in a salt water or freeze-thaw environment should be dip-sealed with Fortifier Plus™.

Apply the first coat of Stain ProtectorTM at least 8 hours prior to grouting. This acts as a pre-seal which stops the grout staining the stone and makes the excess grout mess easier to remove. After the grout dries and after thoroughly cleaning all of the grout residue from the stone, apply the second coat over the stone and the grout.

Dwell time is crucial for penetration. On vertical surfaces you have much less dwell time than on horizontal surfaces. If you apply generous coats, the sealer will run down the wall.

Always start at the bottom of the vertical surface and work your way up. This means that if you over apply the sealer and it runs, it will run over an already sealed surface and will not leave streaks. Have clean white absorbent cloths handy to wipe up runs as soon as they happen.
To maximize dwell time without the sealer running down a wall, apply 4 to 5 light coats of Stain Protector™. Give each coat time to penetrate, but it is important to apply the next coat while the surface is still damp. 10 minutes between coats).
Place tarp or plastic sheets below to catch the excess drips.

When spraying sealer near other materials (for e.g. window frames or planter boxes, cover the areas which you do not wish to treat. An easier method is to use a square of stiff plastic or cardboard as a shield with one hand, while spraying with the other hand. Note: If product overspray lands on adjacent surfaces such as window frames, it will make them water and oil repellent and the alcohol in Stain ProtectorTM can also mark or strip some paints, so it is important to thoroughly remove overspray with clean white absorbent cloths before it dries.

Causes skin irritation. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause respiratory irritation.

Wear protective gloves/protective clothing/eye protection/face protection.
Keep away from heat/sparks/open flames/hot surfaces. No smoking.
Keep container tightly closed.
Ground/bond container and receiving equipment.
Use explosion-proof electrical/ventilating/lighting equipment.
Use only non-sparking tools.
Take precautionary measures against static discharge.
Wash thoroughly after handling.
In case of fire: Use appropriate media for extinction.

First Aid
Eye If in eyes, hold eyelids apart and flush continuously with running water. Continue flushing until advised to stop by a Poisons Information Centre, a doctor, or for at least 15 minutes.
Inhalation. If inhaled, remove from contaminated area. Apply artificial respiration if not breathing.
Skin. If skin or hair contact occurs, remove contaminated clothing and flush skin and hair with running water. Continue flushing with water until advised to stop by a Poisons Information Centre or a doctor.
Ingestion. For advice, contact a Poisons Information Centre or a doctor (at once).
Poisons Information Centres:
Australia – 13 11 26 (Australia Wide)
USA – American Association of Poison Control Centres 1-800-222-1222
Canadian Poison Centres – Ontario (24/7): Telephone: 416-813-5900; Toll free: 1-800-268- 9017
UK – England and Wales: NHS 111 – dial 111; Scotland: NHS 24 – dial 111; Republic of Ireland: 01 809 2166
UN number 1993
Packing group II
DG Class 3
Subsidiary Risk None allocated
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